2015-2016 JBQ Schedule

October 3 Practice Meet

November 7 Practice Meet

December 5 Mid Season Tournament

January 9 Practice Meet

February 6 Practice Meet

March 5 District Qualifying Tournament

April 1-2 District Finials Tournament

April 22-23 Gulf Regional Tournament Springfield MO

June 9-11 National Festival  Sheffield Family Life Center  Kansas City Mo

Proposal to change the age groups for the 2015-2016 season

There has been a proposal made that we change the age groups for quizzing.  The proposal is to change the grades for the 2015-2016 season.  We are asking each area to discuss the proposal and each church will have a vote in March.    This is the proposal that was presented to the committee:

I have a suggestion for a change in the Arkansas JBQ program that I believe will help the kids obtain their Master Seals and to strengthen our states program. I would like to change the grade divisions to the following: Divisions 4-6 grade 2-3 grade 1st and below By adding the 4th grade to the 5th – 6th grade, it will allow the kids to quiz on the whole box for 3 years. I believe that we will have more master seals with this change. We can push that this seal can be easily obtained in 3 years. The first year they are in 5th – 6th grade they are in shock. Then the next year it seems much easier but we run out of time to get the Master Seal. Adding the extra year will help. I also would sell it to my kids to get them to learn a certain amount of 30 point quotes in 4th grade and 5th grade and finish learning the 30’s in 6th grade. Another suggestion that has been made is to move the 2nd grade up but to let each church decide which level would be best for their 4th grader.

Please discuss this with the churches in your area and ask them think about the advantages and disadvantages of each proposal.


Cylinda Spoon Arkansas District JBQ Chairperson

Coaches and Officials’ Conference ‘2014’

We would like to invite you to attend the Junior Bible Quiz Coaches and Officials Retreat on Saturday, September 13. This is a one day event that will be at Wellington Village Assembly of God in Little Rock. It is for anyone who is involved in JBQ or who would like to learn more about the ministry. It will be a great time to get information and connect with other churches involved. If you are already involved in JBQ it will be a day of encouragement and fellowship with sessions to help you renew your passion for JBQ. We are excited about the day we have planned and hope you will join us. If your church did not have a JBQ team last year one person from your church can come FREE as long as you register before the deadline of September 1st. Please see the attached flyer for more information.


Cylinda Spoon
Arkansas District JBQ Chairperson
Click Here to see the Flyer -> JBQ Retreat Registration 2014