NEW Bible Fact Pack Web Question Generator

Hello Everyone in case you did not hear today the new Question Generator web site is now up.  Below is a note from the National Director of JBQ.

Dear Leader,

Let me begin by thanking you for your commitment to discipleship and your willingness to volunteer time and energy to passing the faith to the next generation.

Communication: In June of 2011, the Junior Bible Quiz (JBQ) National Advisory Committee (NAC) agreed to update the Bible Fact Pak (BFP) and include connections to the Fire Bible For Kids. Many individuals thought that this update would only affect quotation questions. However, from the very beginning the NAC decided it was best to update ALL of the questions. George Edgerly, the original creator of the BFP, and other members of the NAC determined that there were a total of 77 questions/answers that needed updating. A great example of these changes can be found in question number 77.  The question changed from “What feast did God institute to commemorate the Israelites’ deliverance from Egypt?” to “What feast did God establish to remember the Israelites’ deliverance from Egypt?” For the affected question numbers, click here. If you are studying from a Bible Fact Pak, BFP Study Guide or BFP Audio CD that has an orange cover, you are using the most up to date material.

In an effort to increase communication within the JBQ community we have established a few new channels. The first channel is our facebook page. We update the page regularly, and it is the perfect place for Junior Bible Quiz leaders from around the country to connect and share ideas. The second channel is not new, but rather “re-opened”. Starting next week, we will be sending out bi-monthly emails through our JBQ list serve. Most of these emails will be short and informative in nature and many will include helps for JBQ coaches and parents. If you are not a part of our JBQ list serve, click here to join (on the right side of the page). If you are a part of the list serve already and you have a study help or a great idea to help kids learn the Bible Fact Pak, let us know by emailing us at

Set Generation: In March of this year, the NAC held a special meeting in Springfield, Missouri to discuss what the highest priorities for resources were for JBQ. It was determined that the greatest need was an updated Question Set Generator (QSG). Our IT department here in Springfield has been working since that time to develop the new BFP QSG. This web-based tool is designed to work on any computer or tablet, as well as any web enabled mobile device. This resource is now available for use at Seeing the value of the BFP for discipling children, the AG Trust Digital Initiative has decided to make this resource available free of charge at this time. This opens the door for small group leaders, Sunday school teachers, children’s pastors and other non-JBQ leaders to begin using the BFP in their classrooms and lessons.

In an effort to deliver this resource as quickly as possible, there are some functions that are not yet a part of the QSG that were once available on the BFP CD-ROM. We are already planning updates to the QSG and we are looking for ways to improve on this NEW tool. Because the QSG is web-based, updates will happen automatically and there will be no need for users to download patches. Every time you log in, you can rest assured that you are using the most up to date version of the QSG.

Thanks again for investing in the next generation!

Scott Berkey
National Director
Junior Bible Quiz
Assemblies of God

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