Officials Certification online


Please let the churches in your area know that Anyone with a church who has a team registered with the Arkansas district JBQ can now take the JBQ National Bible Quiz Officials Certification online.

Follow the directions below

1) Go to

2)  Login as following:

User Name: ARJBQ

Password: ARJBQ2012

A.  When the test logs in it will show that the test has already been taken.

That is not a problem.   Just select the test and start taking it.

3) Select the test you want to take:

A.  There are two parts and they are scored and resulted independently.

So the user can decide to take one or both parts of the test.

  1. General guidelines – for Quizmasters and Judges
  2. Part 2 – for scorekeepers and timekeepers

4) Question #1 is name, church, and email address

5) Once you complete the test(s) an email will be sent to the state contact with the results

6) If you complete the test with a passing score (80% or better) you will get a link to your certificate.

7) The certificate does not have your name on it since you are logging in to a “generic” login for the district

Thank you,

Breck Maxey


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