District Finials / Regionals

Was very excited for the turnout at the district finials.

Want to say again thank you to Harrison Faith for hosting, it thanks a lot of work to get everything ready for that many people and to clean up after we leave.

District finial results can be found in two location. First location is the Registration page where we register for meets. You will see a Stopwatch at the end of the line by the tournament name. or you can use this link. Click Here. Second location is the normal location in EPost. Clink Here. Congratulations to McArthur for a perfect record for the day and advancing to Regionals and Nationals. Congratulations to Bethel, River of Life and Harrison Faith for also advancing to Regionals. Want to thank all the Officials and Coaches that help make these matches happen and help get the Word of God into these young kids in a fun way.

Regionals for the ones that did advance you can register you team now, click her. Registration ends April 21st. Can’t wait to see you at Memphis First Assembly in Cordova, TN.