JBQ Monthly day of Prayer

Sunday, April 7 is our monthly day of prayer for JBQ.  Let us rest in 1 Corinthians 15:10.  Whatever you are right now:  a coach, a quizzer, a parent, a pastor, a leader, a coordinator, it is all God.  Acknowledge His lordship of your life and praise Him for all of the results.  Yes, praise God for the talent He gave you and for the strength and energy He provides every day to work hard.  Thank you, Father, for your grace working through me to make me everything I am.  I am because of the great I AM!  Amen.

2024-2025 Question Progression

5th & 6th GradeOctNovDecJanFeb
3rd & 4th GradeOctNovDecJanFeb
2nd & UnderOctNovDecJanFeb
* The thirty point questions are different for the 2nd & Under group because they only learn thirty of the 30 point questions each year.

The questions accumlate each month.                                                                                                           (For example in December the questions for the meet will include Oct, Nov, and Dec)

Monthly day of Prayer

Thursday, March 7 is our monthly day of prayer for JBQ. In the last 5 verses of Romans chapter 8, Paul lists 17 things that cannot separate us from God’s love demonstrated by Jesus Christ. Every one of these is far more serious in life than the competition involved in quizzing. As we enter this season of competition in JBQ, pray we realize the depth of God’s love for us. Pray we allow God’s love to change us so that we can express His love. Pray we enter each competition determined to love just as Jesus loved us, laying down everything for others. Pray we are filled with His Spirit so that His love is seen in our everyday lives as well. God bless all of you.

Monthly Day of Prayer

Wednesday, February 7 is our monthly day of prayer for JBQ.  John 13:35 says, “Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.”  Thank God for His love.  Pray that our words and actions demonstrate God’s love and God’s kingdom to the world.  Pray we would be filled with the love of God and His Holy Spirit so that God’s love is noticed (rather than our knowledge) because His love is the difference.  “Father, we need your love working in us and through us.  Amen.”

2023-2024 Question List has been released.

5th & 6th GradeOctNovDecJanFeb
3rd & 4th GradeOctNovDecJanFeb
10’s 1-291-581-871-116 1-144 
20’s 289-308 289-327 289-346 289-365 289-384 
30’s 481-492 481-500 481-510 481-519 481-528 
2nd & UnderOctNovDecJanFeb
10’s1-291-581-871-116 1-144 
20’s289-308 289-327 289-346 289-365 289-384 
*The thirty point questions are different for the 2nd & Under group because they only learn 30 thirty point questions each year.