2020-2021 JBQ Year Covid19

The CDC and Covid19 may have slowed things down, but our kids are resilient! Although we are having to postpone restarting JBQ, we have plans!

 First, we are planning to start with a short season beginning in January if all goes well.  Secondly, we are redoing the question progression for all three age groups. This way the younger two groups will not feel overwhelmed with how much they have to learn for this shortened season. The revised questions will be posted on the website within the week. 

If you have any ideas on how to incorporate JBQ in your children’s church services, please send those to us so that we can share them with other churches.

Let’s keep our children engaged and encouraged about JBQ! There is no better way to teach children how to memorize God’s word! We are looking forward to a great JBQ season! It doesn’t matter if it is a normal or a shortened season, God has a plan!

If you have questions or would like information about JBQ contact Cylinda at cylindaspoon79@gmail.com.  

Stay Encouraged!